Navratri Challenge

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  • Event Starts: 17th October 2020 - Ends: 25th October 2020

  • Registration Fee: Rs. 200

  • It is for Women and there is no age limit

  • The Main Event will be held on 25th October. The preparation for the same will start on 17th Oct.

  • The Challenge:

    • Walk: Start with 1 km Walk and increase it by 1km every day

    • Surya Namaskar: Start with 1 Surya Namaskar and increase it by 1 every day.  

              This is to help you increase your stamina so that on 10th Day that is on 25th October you will achieve your                 Personal Best.

  • On the 10th Day that is on 25th October, you record your walk using any app and post it on our Facebook page along with the video of all your Surya Namaskar

  • In your post please mention your Full Name / Age/ No of KMS done/ No of Suryanamaskar along with the Video

  • The top 3 finishers will get gift vouchers!. All participants will get an e-certificate of participation.

  • To keep the count of your Surya Namaskar You can download the SunUps App. Click here  (not compulsory)

  •  To keep the count of your walk you can use Pacer App and join the Udaan team. Click here  (not compulsory) This will help you to Encourage each other.

  • In Addition, we are organizing a 9 Days online Gharbha classes on Zoom. The Meeting ID will be sent to you after completion of your registration 

  • Proceeds from the event will be utilized to help street vendors those are affected by Covid

  • The total number of Surya Namaskars and the total walk in  Kms that is done by you on the 25th that is the main event along with the video has to be put on the Facebook Group by the Name Navratri . Click the link to join the group . Those who do not have Facebook account can send the details with the video to the Whatsapp no 9890954312

  • For More information contact Jayashri 9890954312 / Anita 9511675646/  Priya 9657710437

  • To Register and Donate