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About us

At Play to Learn we believe that Play and learn method is the best method for children. As you are all aware that play School education is a phase of introducing children to a fundamental learning system through the use of a medium that is engaging, less straining and more recreational in nature. Therefore we at Play to learn to provide ample facilities and infrastructure to enable a toddler to show and develop his/her talents at the very beginning stage of life. All the activities at Play to learn is designed to improve the child’s intellectual, physical, and spiritual growth. These learning experience serve as the bridge between home and school. They channelize children’s natural enthusiasm and curiosity to set the stage for future learning.

Play to learn school was established in the year 2012 has classes from


  • Playgroup

  • Nursery

  • Junior KG

  • Senior KG

  • Day Care Centre

  • Activity Centre

    • Indian Classica and Western Dance 

    • Fitness club 

    • Handwriting and Phonic classes


  • To nurture our children in a way that makes them more

  • Social / Friendly

  • Confident

  • Independent

  • Disciplined

  • And most important Happy.



  • Each child is unique and needs to be treated as an individual.

  • They need to be given a safe and loving environment to blossom.

  • Children have a great capacity to learn and a great appetite for knowledge.

  • Children need freedom and independence to earn at their own pace.

  • We at Play to Learn guide rather than control. Learning is invited rather than imposed.

  • We believe that the only language that all kids understand is the language of LOVE.

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