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Dealing with Covid - My story

Hi Friends,

I want to share my experience with you all.

My Father was tested positive with COVID 19 on Monday that is 1st June. I am sharing this so that you all know what all happen once you are tested positive, and this will help you all to be mentally prepared to face this situation.

The reports came at around 8 pm on Monday. Please remember you do not get the reports directly if you are tested positive. The reports go to your Doctor and the local authorities first, and then your Doctor will call and inform you. Only if your reports are Negative, you get the report by mail. So we were advised by our Doctor. We were given two choices one was to admit him to the Private Hospital or take him to the Government Hospital. So we decided to shift him to the Private Hospital. So within an hour, we admitted our Dad in the hospital. By 11 pm, I got a call from Corporation, asking about my Dad and as to how many members stay in the Family. He nicely explained to me as to what needs to be done next. We are 9 members in our Family and 2 Helpers.

We have a Twin Bungalow. My Family Stays in one part and my parents in another, so we were asked if we would like to come to the government center to do the test or do it privately. So we chose to do it privately and informed the Corporation accordingly. Next-Day morning, we arranged for tests to be done through A.G. Diagnostic. Their Person came home to collect the samples. This went smoothly, as we mentally prepared the kids in our Family as to how the sample is collected, showing them the same video so that they are ready mentally. As soon as Dad was admitted, I informed our society member of the situation, so that they would be aware of the same and inform other members to be alert.

Tuesday Morning the Corporation people came to our house. Monday was a sleepless night as all the thoughts of Corporation coming in big Ambulance and cars and will be taking us with them were bothering me. But nothing of that sort happened. 4 of them came on their bikes first and took all the details of our family members and the history of where all my Father had gone and so on. They asked me if we would like them to arrange for all the members to be taken to the government hospital to do our tests. But I told them that we will be doing it through private Lab and they are coming home.

Meanwhile, another team came and Sanitized the bungalow as per their norms—the Corporation people were very cooperative and helpful to us. So our one Fear had gone. Now the other concern was of quarantine. We thought that they will but all of us and take us to their centers. But again, nothing of this sort happened. I was again given a choice of Home quarantine or going with them, so we choose our home. And I think they gave us this permission because our is a bungalow and social distancing was possible in our case. So whatever is the case to not worry, they are here to help us, so if we cooperate with them, they will surely do. So I was told that when our reports come and. If any of us is tested Positive, then we need to admit him to the hospital immediately. And others will be quarantined for 7 days in the House.

As the day was passing, the tension was building as to what will be the reports. Meanwhile, instead of sitting and crying, My husband and I decided to talk about the situation to kids and my In-laws and mentally prepare each and also explained them as to what we will be doing when any one of us is tested positive.

So at 11.30 pm on Tuesday, our reports came. (Yes we received the mail) That means the persons whose report is mailed is negative, and to God's grace, all 11 members where tested Negative. And at present, we all our home quarantine and My Father is in the hospital and doing good. All our society members are supporting us with day to day needs. We got a lot of messages asking us if we need any help and telling us that they are there with us at this time. We also got a call from the police department to inquire about the same, and the COVID helpline center called to check if we needed any help with our daily supplies. If we do need any help, please call them.

I was surprised to see how well the system is, and each department is well interlinked. They are here to help us, so do not be afraid if such a situation arises.

I thought of sharing my experience to get away with the Fear that the media has created. We all need to fight this disease together. I hope my experience will take away the Fear related to Disease. It is not the disease that is killing us, but it's the Fear.

Because of this incident, I have decided that I and My NGO- 'Udaan For Change' will work towards spreading positive experiences and would talk to people and help them to come out of their Fear.

So let us talk about or fears and prepare ourselves to handle this situation. If you want to share your POSITIVE experience or talk about your worries, you can mail us on and we would like to help. Also, like and share our Facebook page facebook@udaanforchange

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